Dan’s BandCampaign Episode 15 – Ozone Mama

In the 1994 film “Airheads”, the local radio station KPPX secretly plans to change their programming from alternative rock to the “mellow sounds of the rain”, much to the dismay of thousands of rock fans.

Fast forward over twenty years and such events have occurred in Budapest, Hungary. Ozone Mama, a self proclaimed classic rock/grunge fused ball of energy have felt the effects of a once favourite son of the airwaves turn to the dark side.

But as senseless and often dumber, for lack of a better word, compositions flood the airwaves of the world, perhaps it’s not a bad thing that rock goes underground. Ozone Mama have a foot in both camps. An instantly recognisable sound of 1970’s classic rock and the undeniable wail of Seattle’s finest, they unashamedly tip their musical hats to the past greats. They are on the front line, busting their guts in the name of rock and roll authenticity. But they are also successful, winning Hungary’s Fonogram Award (Hungary’s version of the Grammys) for Best Rock/Metal album of 2016 (Sonic Glory).

In this episode Andy (Ozone Mama’s songwriter and guitarist) and I discussed things like; The decline in modern music, having the best boss in the world and accepting that everyone sounds like someone.

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Artist Details:

Name: Ozone Mama
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Generic Genre Classic Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock
Forced Comparison: Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Led Zeppelin
Bandcamp Site
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