Billy Gould Signs Epic Deal With Reds!

Billy Gould’s Easy Decision Shows Faith in Reds!

It didn’t take long to introduce himself. Faith No More’s Billy Gould strode into today’s press conference confident he could be the difference in the Red Ball defense. Buzzing from either the excitement of the occasion or perhaps from the caffeine consumed on his flight, Gould confirmed he was now a Red for life.

“The call came from out of nowhere, but the decision was easy…easy like Sunday morning”.

Fans who were skeptical that the aging defender may be suffering the ill effects of a midlife crisis quickly had their minds put to rest, with no evidence to prove otherwise.

But was there any ill feeling between Gould and his former club which was known for it’s inconsistency. “It’s not falling to pieces and it’s not like everything’s ruined, but joining the Reds would suggest that everything has turned out sunny side up!”.

The Red Balls will announce their next signing in August 2016.

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