Dan’s BandCampaign Episode 13 – Boyjazz

Just because a band doesn’t take themselves 100% seriously, it does not mean that they cannot be seriously good. Boyjazz are no novelty band and whilst on first taste it could be easy to dismiss them as an 80’s glam rock/metal band with sexed up lyrics (and sexed up nicknames), this is all part of the show that makes them work so damned well.

One of the core issues bands of Boyjazz’s style seemed to have back in the 1980’s was that many of them seemed to actually be serious and believe the excessive, sexessive rock and roll lifestyle and inherently they ended up looking like dicks (pardon the pun).

Boyjazz nails the music of the era but with their own modern take and whilst Axl Rose is often viewed as a bit of a wanker, the guy can really sing. Boyjazz’s vocalist, Adam Hobbs, has a similar set of pipes – this is a good thing…a REALLY good thing. But the thing that Boyjazz has going for them is the fact that they were born unintentionally out of a musical screw around, an experiment if you will, and the band has always maintained the ethos that fun comes before anything else.

This approach saw Boyjazz reach a decent level of success in the the early/mid 2000’s before they (sort of) disbanded.

Whatever the case, these guys rock! It helps all the more that they are decent, humble and passionate fellas who work on their craft and keep fun and passion at the forefront!


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