Novoselic adds to the Red’s Team Spirit!

Nirvana for Red Balls as Krist Novoselic signs in defence.

It was a deal that was done swiftly and decisively, as March’s guest, Greg Warns from Uncle Sugar, made a call to secure the defensive services of Nirvana’s Kirst Novolslic.

The lanky bass player/defender was on a plain home from a recent international friendly when he got the call asking for him to change course and head straight to team headquarters. Novoslic reportedly hesitated, stating he was looking quite disheveled from his previous match.

“Yeah, he simply said ‘Come as you are’.” Novoselic stated at his unveiling yesterday “I’m not that dumb, so I just said ‘You know, you’re right!”

Novoselic is renowned for his defensive abilities and has been very outspoken against forwards who play act inside the attacking area. “I know they’ve been told to dive, dive, dive. I hate that they milk it. It makes me go very ape!”

Novoselic’s defensive prowess will be an asset to the team and he is reportedly thrilled to be reuniting with his former teammate, Dave Grohl.

The Red Balls will announce their next signing in May 2016

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