Blue’s day as Billy Joe Armstrong comes around.

Blue Balls send Reds a Warning by Signing Billy Joe Armstrong!

Blue Ball management were apparently elated with Dead Poet Society’s signing of central midfielder/rhythm guitarist, Billy Joe Armstrong. The Green Day front man, known for pushing the boundary of sportsmanship, has been seen as a somewhat risky move, but this was of no concern to those in charge.

“He’s no idiot, no basket case,” remarked one senior coach. “He’s a quality player, fast, edgy and adopts a long view of the game”.

Armstrong was also quick to dismiss those ready to write him off as a freeloader and trouble maker.

“Those that think I’ll be hitching a ride off of my teammates during a game are a minority and either way, they are stuck with me. While I hope to have the time of my life, this ain’t no holiday for me either! I’m here to win”

The Blue Balls will announce their next signing early in 2016.

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