Dan’s BandCampaign Episode 11 – Dead Poet Society

Alive and kicking! – Dead Poet Society

People who know me are acutely aware I like a good, heavy riff. They also know I love harmonised vocals and a well thought out melody. They will also know I am a fan of production values and recordings that contain unique layers and sounds. Boston band, Dead Poet Society, ticks all of these boxes and then some. In fact, their 2015 EP AXIOM was one of my favourite pick-ups of the year! These guys are going places….seizing the day, if you will (ok, no more DPS movie references…)

This group have a collective unity and drive that is rarely seen – to the point that they actually live together! Each member contributes to all aspects of the band – they weren’t sure how to record and mix their music, so they learnt. They weren’t able to make their own top quality film clips, so they learnt. What these guys put their minds to, they achieve and it and their growing success is a true testament to the benefits of hard work and commitment. Mr Keating would be proud! (Oops!)

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Artist Details:

Name: Dead Poet Society
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Generic Genre Labeling: Rock, Hard Rock, Indie
Forced Comparison: Royal Blood, Muse
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Assigned Rock and Goal position: Central Midfielder (Rhythm Guitarist) 

Dead Poet Society sound like:


Dead Poet Society – A band of equals!

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