Watson presumed to take winger position for Blues.

Doc to treat strikers with superb balls!

The Blue Balls have continued to favour precision over showmanship with Dan’s BandCampaign guest, Shayfer James, selecting the no fuss, finger picking guitarist Doc Watson to fill a position on the wing.

Initial concerns over Watson’s ability to play, given that he is blind, was quickly put to rest when his team mates saw what he could do during a midnight training session. His transition from bluegrass to green grass appeared seamless.

“His ability to find deep gaps and perform look away passes is second to none.” remarked one teammate, who also commented on the respectful relationship the guitarist shared with officials. “He seems to really get along well with the referees! It’s like they are kindred spirits.”

Blind ambition and a knack for pickin’ gaps in the opposing defence may result in some glorious memories for the Blue Balls, who will announce their next selection in December 2015.


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