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Top 20 BandCamp Discoveries Week #8 – 1612 by Vulfpeck

Vulfpeck are one heck of a funk band!!! They ooze cool. 1612, featuring the simply astounding vocals of Antwaun Stanley, showcases what these guys are about. Cleverly penned lyrics, wicked bass lines and catchy grooves wrapped up in the funkiest funk caravan of funk you ever funked. And they do the awesomely familiar and charming retro film clips to boot!


Top 20 BandCamp Discoveries Week #7 – “Stars” by Kid Dakota

Another week and another 2 piece has made a song that has settled easily into my Top 20 songs from the now 1000+ I have purchased on

This time, the song has the melancholic ebb and flow of vintage Radiohead and a wonderfully unique and soulful vocals. It also has an amazing film clip that fits so perfectly.

Here are your stars for the week:


Top 20 BandCamp Discoveries Week #6 – “Rolling With the Punches” by The Blue Stones

This song would fit into almost any of Quentin Tarantino film. And the film clip is a joy to watch also (we discuss the “accidents” they had in my interview with them a couple of years back too!).


You will need some cool shades and a pint striped suit to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this kick-ass song!!

Kickin’ butt live!