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Blue Balls make key(board) signing!

Cox to handle balls in the box for Blues

You could be forgiven for not recognising the man who sat at today’s Blue Ball press conference donning the number one shirt. Whilst he could easily pass as the team’s water boy, he is as far away from Dire Straits as you could get.

Jim Cox is the super star goal keeper keyboardist that everyone has has heard but never heard of. He has played in teams featuring the world’s best. The once mighty striker Ozzy Osbourne, the dynamic wingers Mark Knopfler and BB King and the luckiest footballer ever, Ringo Starr, have all had this great man mop up the loose balls and parry shots over the crossbar.

“We could have gone and got a household name,” said the Blue Ball President, “but we preferred to get a man who we knew would get the job done day in and day out.”

Even this month’s recruiter, Aymeric Ardimanni, had to Google the ivory twinkler’s name – but insists that this Cox is the biggest and most active pianist in the business.

The Blue Balls will announce their next signing in October 2015.


Episode 5: Aymeric Ardimanni

Thought provoker - Aymeric Ardimanni

Thought provoker – Aymeric Ardimanni

Artist Details:

Name: Aymeric Ardimanni
Location: Nice, France
Generic Genre Labeling: Rock, Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Electronic Rock
Forced Comparison: Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Radiohead
Bandcamp Site:

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Assigned Rock and Goal position: Goal Keeper  (Keyboarder)  for the Blue Balls


Aymeric Ardimanni sounds like:

Dan’s Notes:

Music should connect with you on some sort of emotional level. Aymeric Ardimanni’s music on the album “Open” (released under the pseudonym “Ay”) has the ability to connect with you, but you will have to work with it. It’s not designed to have you instantly fall in love with it. There are lengthy instrumental sections, low tempo mood swings and varied vocal styles and percussive sections – but they all combine to make a beautiful sonic journey.

Pink Floyd tinged tunes with fantastically well structured and artistically guitar solos, Aymeric has a knack at making music that is as much philosophical as it is ethereal. A full time musician, Aymeric has his guitar playing fingers in many bands – I just hope he puts another solo album out in the near future!

Aymeric Ardimanni Bio:
Musical project destined to explore electro fields… but seems to touch wider areas like pop, indie-rock, space-rock and even folk.

This website is designed to offer some free music to listen to, some photographs and other ideas given away straight from the brain…

It began in 2000 when I got my first (almost) proper home studio//then songs without lyrics came out, then songs with lyrics, then the cover band I was in found a new singer: David Leese with whom a creative collaboration began, I was still composing for myself during all this time under the name of KomäIn 2006, Komä became a rock trio when David left for Scotland (and went on solo). Komä is still on but I am still composing for myself under the simple name of Ay.

I play guitars, keyboards, piano and sometimes drums, bass guitar or other instruments like percussions, banjo or ukulele. I’m not a real singer but years of practising as a backing vocalist helped me use my voice in an interesting way.

Music seems to be a unconscious voyage to unused part of our minds.

A cerebral way to apprehend sounds packed into songs, simply.

Too busy playing in multiple bands to put on a shirt!

Too busy playing in multiple bands to put on a shirt!


Dan’s BandCampaign Ep 5 – Aymeric Ardimanni

Aymerica Ardimanni was this month’s guest and someone I discovered on bandcamp many years ago. Whilst he plays with several bands and artists such as David Zincke, Medi and Koma, it was his solo album “Open” that I first discovered and grew very fond of.

Emotional and honest songs that contain traces of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and even Radiohead are to be found and loved, along with some excellent guitar solos and atmospheric yet dynamic mixing. 

This interview shows that passion, thrill, honesty and drive can take you a long way – from securing a relationship to opening for ZZ Top and Iggy and the Stooges. This man is equal parts head and heart and I think any musician that ever had the love of music will relate to what he has to say. 

Check out this episode!