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Gilmour tickled pink to join the Reds!

David Gilmour’s signing gives the Red Balls a pulse.

Dave Gilmour joins the Red Balls - It's about time!

Dave Gilmour joins the Red Balls – It’s about time!

Red Ball fans, you wished he was here – and now he is! Manchester based Stoner Rock band, Ten Foot Wizard, have today announced the stunning acquisition of David Gilmour to fulfill one of the Red Ball’s Winger/Lead Guitarist positions.

The board is said that such a landmark signing gives the team high hopes, with the club president stating that Gilmour on their side “could be the difference between us and them!”.

A renowned bender of the ball, Gilmour may use his slick trickery to meddle with the opposition and learn to fly the ball over the Blue Ball wall.

That said, some critics believe that after a major falling out with a teammate of a previous team, he may be joining the Reds more for the cash than anything else.

Gilmour was incensed when a journalist suggested this and his response was equally fiery. “Money!” he quipped, “Get away! Ummagumma run like hell and make the final cut! The issue with my former teammate was a momentary lapse of reason. I’d rather focus on what I contribute here – this should be one of the happiest days of our lives.”

The Red Balls will announce their next signing in September 2015.

Episode 4: Ten Foot Wizard

Ten Foot Wizard will run you down and reverse over you with the all the stoner rock lovin' they can muster!

Ten Foot Wizard will run you down and reverse over you with the all the stoner rock lovin’ they can muster!


Artist Details:

Name: Ten Foot Wizard
Location: Manchester, UK
Generic Genre Labeling: Stoner Rock, Fuzz Rock, Blues Rock, Sexy Beast Mullet Rock!
Forced Comparison: Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu, Clutch
Bandcamp Site:

Assigned Rock and Goal position: Winger (Lead Guitarist)  for the Red Balls

lead guitar


Ten Foot Wizard sounds like:

Dan’s Notes:
This is what it’s all about. Grab yourself a drink of your choice, stop taking yourself and your life so seriously and rock out until your pants fall down. Manchester based Stoner Rock band Ten Foot Wizard represent everything good about rock music. Heavy riffs and an all or nothing attitude, without the pretentious grandstanding seen in so many others. Their new album “Sleeping Volcanoes” is a stellar release that expands on their already well established sound.

I walked away from the interview appreciating these fellas and their music so much more. They ticked the expected boxes: fun, slightly chaotic and full of life. Yet they also surprised me with some deep insights into the music industry and the world as a whole.

Heavy Glow are:

Adam – Guitar
Gary – Guitar/Vocals
Johnny – Drums/Mullet
Emlyn – Bass

Say you were there when Ten Foot Wizard erupted! Get their new album "Sleeping Volcanoes" now!

Say you were there when Ten Foot Wizard erupted! Get their new album “Sleeping Volcanoes” now!

Dan’s Band Campaign Ep 4 – Ten Foot Wizard

This month, the campaign sees Manchester based sotner rock band Ten Foot Wizard join the show. Having only just released a new album, the band were in high spirits and discussed a breadth of topics such as; drummers that leave for gold and drugs, sexism in the music metal scene, rehearsing in a space built for Hobbits, governmental conspiracies and the power of a mullet.

Regular segments “Blatant Self Promotion”, “Fast Five” and “Rock and Goal!” all appear once more as well as a new segment “Friendly Fire” where the band is read questions posed to them from their fans. 

Check out this episode!