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Blue Balls think the Bootsy fits

Collins to star for Blue Ball defence.

Get the funk out of the way!

Get the funk out of the way!

This month saw Dan’s BandCampaign guests ‘Heavy Glow’ land the key signature of flamboyant Wing Back/Bass player Bootsy Collins.

With a reputation for being a ‘super bad’ defender, he is also more than happy to get on up to the forward half and have a shot of his own, often leaving opposition defenders bewildered.

His formal introduction to Blue Ball fans was typically outrageous as he strode out to the press and public in a custom designed uniform. After a brief stint in politics, Collins found his calling running off the defensive half like a rubber band.

“Parliament was just not my thing” Collins said “I’d prefer to funk around the ball park than hang with those pollies like Clinton or Franklin.”

His confidence was not shaken when one member of the press suggested he could be the most influential player of the two teams.

“Bootsy? Player of the Year? Well, you just never can tell!”

The Blue Balls will unveil their next recruit in August 2015.

Dan’s BandCampaign Episode 3: Heavy Glow

You can hear June’s episode featuring the sesual swagger of Heavy Glow right here, or download it on any device through the show’s Stitcher page here.

Episode 3: Heavy Glow

Glowing places - Heavy Glow contemplate their next tour.

Glowing places – Heavy Glow contemplate their next tour.

Artist Details:

Name: Heavy Glow
Location: Texas, USA
Generic Genre Labeling: Psychedelta Blues, Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Forced Comparison: Cream, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix
Official Website:
Bandcamp Site:
Email: Contact details at:

Assigned Rock and Goal position: Wing Back (Bass Player)



Heavy Glow sounds like:

Dan’s Notes:
Suave, sensual and swagger. Throw them into a pot with a large dollop of creamy goodness and you will find yourself with Heavy Glow. There is a strong element of late sixties, early seventies blues rock in the music but with the edge that often is associated with modern rock acts like Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters.

Guitarist and songwriter Jared Mullins discusses how being single in a hotel on Valentines Day surrounded by love making couples can inspire a song or two, the fear of switching from drums to guitar, their recent tour, playing 100 takes of songs during recording sessions and more.

This “Psychedelta Blues” band with rock and massage your soul simultaneously.

Official Band Bio:
Some of rock’s greatest bands share an interesting quality: Soul. Cream, The Stooges, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Afghan Whigs and Vanilla Fudge all played glorious rock at concussive volumes but were also swinging to an unmistakable beat, filtering their thunderous bluster through a soul crooner’s sensibility. Heavy Glow qualifies for that exclusive roll call.

Heavy Glow are:

Jared Mullins – Guitar/Vocals
Joe Brooks – Bass
St. Judas – Drums

Walk this way - The sensual swagger of Heavy Glow

Walk this way – The sensual swagger of Heavy Glow