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Rock and Grohl for The Red Balls

Red Balls have fighting Foo-tball future!

Defender come midfielder - Dave Grohl

Defender come midfielder – Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl started his career out as a solid defender/drummer, known for his hard hitting and ruthless attack on the ball. Often overshadowed by more flamboyant and troubled team members, Grohl has since made a name for himself as a central midfielder/rhythm guitarist in the second half of his career.

The Red Balls signed Grohl this month, stating that this guy is “no pretender” and was easily their first choice for the position. June’s Podcast guests, Maskin, had no hesitation in selecting the dynamic and hard working midfielder.

“We’re hoping to get the best, the best, the best, the best of him” they stated. “He’s always been my hero and now I get to watch him as he goes…and plays for the mighty Red Balls”.

Fans were equally as enthusiastic, noting that his ability to do the simple things very well and to appear to be everywhere and involved in everything all of the time as really positive traits to have.

Grohl spoke with typical spark at his Red Balls unveiling earlier in the month, stating that he had wanted to play for The Reds all his life and that this was no temporary gig.

“No, not at all. I’ll stick around, for sure! I’m hoping this year is the one for this team and I think we’ll have a breakout season”.

Red Ball fans and backroom staff alike will be hoping that Grohl’s signing is the move that kick starts a winning legacy, as players are picked one by one each month.

The Red Balls will name their next signing in July 2015.



Dan’s BandCampaign Ep 2 – Maskin

Swedish fuzz stoner rock band “Maskin” are the guests for Episode 2. Maskin guitarist, songwriter and engineer Kent Cederstrom tells of the uncanny nature in which the band was formed, bandmates that think they can play more than one instrument and the trials behind recording the same songs four times.

Regular segments “Shameless Self Promotion”, “The Fast Five” and “Rock and Goal!” feature also.

Check out this episode!

DBCP Ep 2 – Maskin Supplementary show

The supporting show containing full length songs from Episode Two’s guest, Maskin, as well as a full song from my band, Something Once Forgotten. 

Check out this episode!

Episode 2: Maskin



Artist Details:

Name: Maskin
Location: Orebro, Sweden
Generic Genre Labeling: Fuzz Rock (of the Galactic Boogie kind!)
Forced Comparison: Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Dozer
Official Website:
Bandcamp Site:

Assigned Rock and Goal position: Central Midfielder (Rhythm Guitarist) 

Maskin sounds:

Dan’s Notes:
Blending some seriously fuzzed up riffs with melodic yet often ferocious vocals, Maskin are heavy enough to satisfy your stoner fuzz rock needs without kicking your teeth in. There is a definite style that is consistent throughout their 8 track debut, Storm, containing the familiar sound of stoner rock but also a sound that they can call their own.

Maskin guitarist and audio engineer, Kent Cederstrom, joined me in this episode and elaborated more on their influences, recording processes, the dilemma of having your girlfriend guest on vocals and much more.

If you are into some melodic crunchy rock (or Galactic Boogie Fuzz Rock as they describe themselves) then you will find a peer in Maskin.

Official Band Bio:
Maskin is all about energy and heaviness.

With an honest love for heavy rock and an ambition to tear every stage apart while playing live they have quickly grown a dedicated fan base during the two years in action.

Last years singles ”The Swarm” and ”Ignition” is just about to get a follow up with the bands debut album ”Storm” which will be released this fall. So stay tuned for some speaker popping galactic boogie fuzz!

Maskin are:

Benny Andersson, vocals
Kent Cederström, guitar
Viktor Örneland, guitar
Joel Forsberg, bass
John Stöök, drums

For a bunch of fun loving guys, they can pull the serious faces when needed.

For a bunch of fun loving guys, they can pull the serious faces when needed.