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The the BandCampaign begin…well…soon.

Dan’s BandCampaign Podcast kicks off in early April.

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast launching in the first week of April

Dan’s BandCampaign Podcast launching in the first week of April

I have been planning and working on getting this podcast up and running for almost two years now. Well, actually, that’s a bit of a lie. The idea for it came to me about two years ago. Then I did pretty much nothing about it for about fourteen months!

Eventually I bit the bullet after realising that my life is not going to get less busy any time soon and started contacting bands and artists to see if there would be any interest in being a guest on a show hosted by a lowly music fan with a potential audience of the host’s Mother, the band, their friends and maybe their mothers.

Bands and artists responded with a resounding “Hell yeah, Dan! you’re one awesomely cool dude and we are eternally humbled by your ever so gracious offer to be on your soon to be award winning show”. Well, not quite. But they did say yes quickly and were quite thankful for the offer.

So the Episode One will launch in the first week of April barring no technical issues (there are SURELY going to be technical issues. The Internet is an unforgiving world of terms that I don’t fully understand!). The aim is to have the shows available on iTunes, Youtube, here, for download in other places and maybe even Starbucks (Paul McCartney is not returning my calls…mainly because I don’ have his number).

So, if you have time to kill, like the same music I do (or just like music in general) and like hearing bands talk all things musical and beyond and can put up with an Australian accent, then maybe this podcast is for you.

I sincerely hope you have as much fun listening to these interviews as much as I had making them. Thanks Mum (and anyone else who is listening). See you in early April (fingers crossed)